Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers will soon have new color options

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to choose from three new Joy-Con controller color options. Maybe Nintendo can make them more durable while they’re at it?

The colors include blue/neon yellow and neon purple/neon orange Joy-Con controller sets. Each will be available on October 4 for the standard Joy-Con price of $79.99.

Neon yellow is not technically new, although it is normally bundled with another neon yellow Joy-Con. The other colors are all new.

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The purple and orange are apparently inspired by the GameCube, which had indigo and “spice orange” color options for the console itself and the system’s controllers.

Nintendo has had a busy day of announcements. They first revealed that a new Nintendo Switch model has up to 9-hour battery life and followed it up with the news that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming out on Halloween.

Last week, Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a smaller, more affordable, and handheld-only version of the Switch.