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Nintendo Switch Lite is temporarily back in stock

Nintendo Switch Lite

Finding a video game console has been a hassle for most of the year. That’s been especially true for Nintendo’s popular Switch and Switch Lite systems.

If you have been looking for a Switch without any luck, the Switch Lite is temporarily back in stock at Amazon. Right now they only have the Turquoise and Coral models of the popular handheld gaming system. Both retail for $199.

How long will they remain in stock? That’s hard to say. The last time that we reported on stock being replenished it was out again within hours. That’s basically been the case all year since shortages began in the spring.

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However, rest assured that we’ll keep letting you know when stock gets replenished. So be sure to check back with us frequently and subscribe to our newsletter for daily gaming-related news updates.

Did you find a Switch in stock? Have you purchased a video game console in the past couple of months? Let us know in the comments below!