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Nintendo Switch Online members can now buy the wireless SNES controller

Nintendo has opened up purchases for the recently-announced wireless SNES controller, which is only available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

In order to make the purchase, you will need to visit Nintendo’s website and log in to verify your membership status. Controllers are expected to ship on September 18. They retail for $29.99.

Earlier this month, Nintendo added 20 free SNES games to Nintendo Switch Online. The company made the surprise announcement during their latest Nintendo Direct.

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Aside from supporting the new wireless SNES controller, SNES games through Nintendo’s online service supports a rewind feature as well as local and online co-op.

Nintendo Switch Online is $19.99 a year. It is required for online play on the Switch. As a perk for subscribers, Nintendo adds new NES or SNES games with enhanced features each month.