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Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can get NES Joy-Con controllers for $30

Nintendo is discounting its NES-styled Joy-Con controllers. Normally priced $60, you can get a set of two for $30 until January 10.

Of course, like all things that sound too good to be true, there is a catch! You must be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to purchase the NES-style Joy-Cons through Nintendo’s online store.

The good news is that a subscription is cheap. A 12-month subscription of Nintendo Switch Online costs $20 a year. And it comes with the added perk of free NES and SNES games to download. In fact, Nintendo is adding Star Fox 2 and Super Punch-Out, along with four other NES and SNES games this month.

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The NES Joy-Con controller launched last year. Like regular Joy-Con controllers, they can slide into the sides of the Switch, although they extend well beyond the length of the system.

Also, don’t buy it expecting to play it with all of the Nintendo Switch games that are available. Nintendo only guarantees compatibility with the NES games that are released as part of Nintendo Switch Online.