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Nintendo Switch Online’s wireless SNES controller sells out within hours

The wireless SNES controller exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers appears to be quite the hit.

Yesterday, we reported how Nintendo had opened up purchases for the recently-announced wireless SNES controller. Within just hours of publication, the controllers sold out.

“Currently unavailable. Please check back later,” the order page on Nintendo’s website says.

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For those lucky enough to nab one, the SNES controllers are expected to ship on Wednesday. They retail for $29.99 each, which is probably a big reason why they got snatched up so fast.

The new controllers can be played with the 20 free SNES games that Nintendo added to Nintendo Switch Online. The company made the surprise announcement during their latest Nintendo Direct.

The controllers are already popping up on eBay for as much as $100. Hopefully, Nintendo makes sure that there is enough supply available in the not-too-distant future to ensure that people who actually want to use the controller will be able to get one and not just those who want to re-sell it for a profit.