Nintendo Switch Sports finally adds Golf and LAN multiplayer

Nintendo Switch Sports finally adds Golf and LAN multiplayer

The classic Wii Sports launched with golf, but Nintendo Switch Sports is only just adding it now.

Nintendo surprised fans with a free Nintendo Switch Sports golf update. Players can hit the green and take a swing at the newest addition to the Switch sports game. It’s free and available to download now.

The new Golf mode allows players to hit the fairway for the first time in Nintendo Switch Sports. The update includes 21 holes from the Wii Sports series. You can tee up with friends in local play or get together with up to eight players in Survival Golf online. The player with the most strokes gets eliminated.

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Nintendo Switch Sports finally adds Golf and LAN multiplayer

“You can even personalize your Sportsmate or Mii character’s appearance and add wild accessories to capture your unique style. Earn more items by playing online in random matchmaking to change your look over time, with items being added regularly, including new Golf gear,” Nintendo says.


That’s not all. The new update also allows you to set up a local area network so that you can play against friends and family offline. This is a good alternative if you do not have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, it does require multiple Switch systems and games.

“Interested in grabbing that iron and stepping up to the tee with nearby friends without an internet connection? Try out the LAN functionality that’s been added to Nintendo Switch Sports with this update – it works for Golf, as well as the other six sports,” the company adds.

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