Nintendo Switch tops 12 million units sold in Japan alone

Nintendo Switch

According to new sales figures from Famitsu, the Nintendo Switch is selling like gangbusters in Japan.

For the week ending February 2, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite sales topped the charts in Japan. Likewise, Switch software currently holds eight of the top ten positions in the charts.

However, the more interesting story is not the weekly sales numbers for hardware or software. No, it’s the lifetime sales of the two Switch systems in the country that is the most interesting.

Famitsu pegs the Switch’s lifetime sales at 10.754 million in Japan. When you combine that with the lifetime sales of 1.269 million for Switch Lite, Nintendo has topped 12 million units sold in their home country.

How long will Nintendo be able to keep up this momentum? One can imagine the PS5 will put a dent in Switch sales when it launches this year. However, if Nintendo keeps putting out hits like Pokemon Sword and Shield – which has sold over 3.3 million units in Japan alone – they may be in a dominant position for a while.

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