Nintendo teases new fitness peripheral for Switch

Nintendo caught us a bit by surprise this morning with a video teasing what looks to be some sort of a new fitness peripheral for their Switch console-handheld hybrid.

While we do not yet know the name, release date, or price, what we can say is that it is a ring-shaped bendable device that you apparently bend, contort, and move around with an accompanying game giving directions. It’s also apparent from the video that Nintendo is encouraging the device for group activities, both for entertaining families and friends.

Nintendo has a history of releasing doohickeys that get people to move around. The Wii controller and Wii Sports, aside from being great fun at parties, was also used in physical therapy departments and retirement communities. The popular Wii Fit game and peripheral were specifically designed with exercise in mind.

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Nintendo says that they will have more information on the new device on September 12. In the meantime, be sure to watch the teaser video below!

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