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Nintendo Turns Over Publishing of Nintendo Power

Nintendo is turning over the venerable fan magazine Nintendo Power to a leading publisher of special interest magazines, Future US. Nintendo Power is a pioneer within the video gaming industry, being first published nearly twenty years ago in 1988.

Nintendo Power covers all Nintendo gaming systems, including Wii, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Future US will begin publishing with a circulation of 300,000 for the December edition, which comes out in October. The company also publishes Official Xbox Magazine, PSM and PC Gamer. They also publish the official Nintendo magazine in the UK.

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“By teaming with Future US, Nintendo is ensuring the continued growth of the magazine’s circulation and bringing even greater value to Nintendo enthusiasts,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “The team at Future will carry on the quality and traditions of Nintendo Power, and the magazine will now be available at more newsstand locations than ever before.”