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Nintendo Updates Spring 2006 Euro Lineup

Today Nintendo of Europe updated its spring 2006 first party software lineup for the Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube. Among them are prominent releases Metroid Prime Hunters, New Super Mario Bros., Tetris DS, Brain Training, and Final Fantasy IV. Below is the full list, now up-to-date:

Nintendo DS
Megaman Battle Network 5 (Capcom/Nintendo) – 14 April
Tetris DS (Nintendo) – 21 April
Trauma Centre: Under the Knife (Atlus) – 28 April
Pokémon Link! (Nintendo) – 5 May
Metroid Prime Hunters (Nintendo) – 5 May
Super Princess Peach (Nintendo) – 26 May
Brain Training: (Nintendo) – 9 June
New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) – 30 June

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Nintendo GameCube
Chibi-Robo! (Nintendo) – 26 May

Game Boy Advance
Polarium Advance (Nintendo) – 14 April
Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo) – 2 June