Nintendo WiFi Connection Error

Nintendo and D-Link have proven to me that corporations can cause headaches quite easily. After 7 hours of mingling with wires, connections and configuring my computer network, I could not get Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to work on my D-Link DI-524. I bought it with an giftcard and was sure to get a compatible model. The only problem is, according to Nintendo’s website, the version of my model is not supported.

After talking on the phone between D-Link, Comcast and trying to reach Nintendo and Sony, I gave up and decided to return it for a refund in which I would buy a different model. Today I found out on D-Link’s website, no thanks to their lousy customer support, that indeed Nintendo erroneously lists the router as incompatible. Here are the steps to take to get your D-Link DI-524 working with Nintendo Wi-Fi and PSP’s online services:

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Step 1) Log into the web management of your DI-524. By default the IP address is, the username is admin and there is no password.
Step 2) Go to the Advanced tab and click Performance on the left.
Step 3) Change TX Rates from Auto to 54. Make sure Mode Setting is set to Mix Mode.
Step 4) Click Apply. Your Nintendo DS should now be able to connect to the DI-524 wirelessly and make a connection to their Wi-Fi gaming service.

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