Nioh 2 is out today, and you can already listen to the soundtrack on Spotify

Nioh 2

Team Ninja’s latest action-RPG, Nioh 2, is out today. The PS4 exclusive’s soundtrack is also now available on Spotify.

Nioh 2 is a prequel. The standalone story is set prior to the events of the first game in war-torn Japan. The original game was released on PC and PS4. That game received critical reviews, and its prequel has been highly anticipated.

The Nioh 2 standard edition retails for $59.99. The Special Edition comes with the game, a steelbook case, the season pass, and an artbook. That retails for $79.99.

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As for the Spotify news, you can find a mix of the soundtracks from both games. Yugo Kanno composed the original game. Meanwhile, both Yugo Kanno and Akihiro Manabe composed Nioh 2. Click here to listen on Spotify.

Spotify tracklist

  1. “Opening”
  2. “Nioh 2”
  3. “Battle I”
  4. “Mezuki”
  5. “Enenra”
  6. “Yatsu-no-Kami”
  7. “Oda Nobunaga”
  8. “Imagawa Yoshimoto”
  9. “Battle II”
  10. “Kamaitachi”
  11. “Shadow”
  12. “Battle III”
  13. “Magara Naotaka”
  14. “Front Line”
  15. “Azai Nagamasa”
  16. “Freed from this Mortal Coil”
  17. “Tokiohiro I”
  18. “Gyuki”
  19. “Dark Realm I”
  20. “Kasha”
  21. “Dark Realm II”
  22. “Dream”
  23. “Shuten Doji”
  24. “Lady Osakabe”
  25. “Okuni”
  26. “Daigoji Temple”
  27. “Tokichiro II”
  28. “William”
  29. “Otakemaru”
  30. “Nioh – Main Theme-“
  31. “Saoirse”
  32. “Opening”
  33. “Freed from this Mortal Coil”
  34. “Battle I”
  35. “Battle II”
  36. “Ayakashi I”
  37. “Region I –Kyushu-“
  38. “Ayakashi II”
  39. “Okatsu I”
  40. “Battle III”
  41. “Alchemists I”
  42. “Mononofu I”
  43. “Battle IV”
  44. “Ayakashi III”
  45. “Mononofu III”
  46. “Okatsu II”
  47. “Nobunaga”
  48. “Alchemists II”
  49. “Yamata-no-Orochi”
  50. “Ending”

Watch the launch trailer below!