Nippon Marathon 2 is raising funds on Kickstarter

Nippon Marathon 2

Onion Soup Interactive has kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for Nippon Marathon 2. The indie developer is trying to raise over $40,000.

Nippon Marathon was released on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One as a physics-based, four-player party game. The first game was a marathon across Japan, but the sequel is a race across the globe.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to bring Nippon Marathon 2 to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. They’re also planning an exclusive arcade edition from exA-Arcadia.

“The race to the campaign goal has just begun, with mouth-watering stretch goals including (but not limited to) in-demand online mode,” the indie studio said in an email to Game Freaks 365.

“Onion Soup chose to launch the Kickstarter campaign due to overwhelming support for the first game, its cast of characters, and the continuous requests for an online mode,” the developer adds.

As part of the early bird pledge, backers will join a closed beta group gaining access to the game and providing vital feedback. The early bird pledges are limited to only 300 people. The expected launch is in April 2022.

My Take

This looks like nonsensical fun. Fans of Fall Guys will probably dig it.

Check out the Kickstarter launch trailer below!

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