No Longer Home is an LGBT-friendly game out now on PC and Mac

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No Longer Home

Fellow Traveler and Humble Grove have announced the launch of No Longer Home, their new LGBT-friendly project. It’s a semi-autobiographical game that forces you to consider your life in a new light.

How do you bid a place farewell? How do you let go of the life you’ve created as a result of events beyond your control? Many people do not find the answers. No Longer Home, created by Hana Lee and Cel Davison from developer Humble Grove, will replant these questions while we assist Bo and Ao in making difficult decisions and learning to cope with the losses of the people we care about the most.

Tough decisions and losses

In No Longer Home, Bo and Ao are graduating from university and ready to leave the flat they’ve shared for a year. Ao is forced to return to Japan due to visa restrictions, leaving Bo in England. Both are disillusioned with post-educational life and are pushed aside by a government that does not want them there. They are attempting to come to grips with their uncertain futures.

Explore Bo and Ao’s little apartment and their everyday belongings. Enjoy a barbecue, play video games, and speak in bed till late at night. On a daily basis, follow the activities and discussions of two non-binary LGBT students and their friends.

No Longer Home is $14.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble Store, and, with a 20% launch discount for the first week. The Farewell Edition package of the game retails for $25 and includes the main game as well as both soundtracks, which is also discounted by 20%.

Watch the launch trailer down below!