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No Man’s Sky lands on Xbox Game Pass next month

No Man's Sky Xbox Game Pass

If you’re a fan of space exploration survival games, No Man’s Sky probably seemed like a dream come true. Now it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass in June.

The No Man’s Sky launch was rocky. Many felt that it failed to live up to expectations. But to their credit, developer Hello Games stuck with it. And over the succeeding years, they have managed to substantially improve the experience with a series of free updates.

Just last year, Hello Games released No Man’s Sky Beyond as a free VR update. Now gamers can play in VR on both PC and PS4. As it just so happens, the update won the developer an award for XR Game of the Year at the SXSX Gaming Awards.

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The updates haven’t ended there. In February, the Living Ship update added a new starship, new missions, and more. The April update adds the Minotaur Exocraft, a unique new exocraft / suit hybrid. It introduces a different way to explore planets.


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