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No Man’s Sky Living Ship update is the first of 2020

No Man's Sky Living Ship update

The latest No Man’s Sky update is now live. The Living Ship update adds a new starship, new missions, and more.

Last year, indie developer Hello Games released three major updates: Beyond, Synthesis, and Bytebeat. Plus, they also added PlayStation VR support in 2019. The Living Ship is the first major update of 2020.

According to developer Hello Games (h/t PlayStation Blog):

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The Living Ship Update introduces the first new starship since Atlas Rises. But this is more than just a ship — these are strange and beautiful creatures with lives of their own. A new series of missions will take players through the ancient Korvax experiments that led to the birth of these interstellar beings. Players who wish to incubate, grow, and ultimately fly their own living ship should visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg.

These beautiful, organic, slightly psychedelic ships are uniquely grown (and, as with everything in the No Man’s Sky universe, procedurally-generated). They can’t be upgraded in the same way as a traditional ship: each one is individually hatched, with a unique set of internal organs that determines its abilities. If you want a fast hyperdrive, you’ll need to nurture the right sort of life within your ship.

As much attention has been given to the interior of the ships as the exterior. Void ships house you within strange, organic cockpits, requiring players to fly their ship by grasping vein-covered tendrils. It looks and feels suitably unsettling to fly in VR!

In addition, the Living Ship update also brings “all-new space encounters to the off-planet experience.” Hello Games says that “strange new lifeforms and mysterious objects now wait between the planets, bringing more variety and unique experiences to space travel.” The company adds that it is “experimenting” with new content.

Check out a trailer for the update below!