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No Man’s Sky update adds massive mechs

No Man's Sky

The latest update for the exploration-survival game No Man’s Sky adds massive mechs to the game.

The Exo Mech update adds the Minotaur Exocraft. It is a unique new exocraft / suit hybrid that introduces a different way to explore planets.

“This mechanical walker shields its pilot against hostile extraterrestrial atmospheres, providing immunity against hazards such as radioactivity and extreme temperatures,” writes Hello Games founder Sean Murray.

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“Its special defining feature, though, is the freedom of movement it affords. The Minotaur’s powerful jetpack allows it to soar powerfully through the air, and land on terrain with a satisfying slide. We think it’s a lot of fun to stomp around in, especially in PS VR,” Murray adds.

This is just the latest No Man’s Sky update. Last year, Hello Games released the No Man’s Sky Beyond VR update. And just a few weeks ago, they released the Living Ship update, which was the first new update in 2020.