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Noble Fates Bandit Update out now with Steam Workshop support

Noble Fates Bandit Update out now

Indie developer Xobermon LLC has released its latest update for the fantasy kingdom building sim Noble Fates.

Dubbed the Bandit Update, it features nefarious bandits who earn their living robbing and stealing. Players can also expect a new quest system where mortals ask for help. In addition, Ramshackle Props are a new starter building tier that offers quick and cheap shelter.

The Bandit Update also brings a fully implemented Steam Workshop. Players can browse and subscribe to any of the 30+ mods available at launch – ranging from new races and buildables to alchemy. Mod makers can upload and update their mods from within the game!

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To celebrate the new update, Noble Fates is discounted to $19.99 on Steam. That’s a 20% discount off the full retail price. The game launched in Early Access in December 2021. In February, players received the free Hospitality Update, which added wine and taverns.

Watch the new update trailer below!