Noble Fates Hospitality
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Noble Fates Hospitality update arrives

Noble Fates Hospitality

Your kingdom has visitors, so it’s time to make them feel at home.

Xobermon LLC has announced the release of the first major update for Noble Fates, The Hospitality Update, following the successful debut in Early Access, which we discussed in another post here on Game Freaks 365. Players can brew wine, construct taverns, run inns, and earn money from visitors to your kingdom while making them feel welcome.

For those who haven’t heard of Noble Fates, it’s a game that combines the richness and enjoyment of Rimworld with the harsh battle of ambition, intrigue, and violence of Game of Thrones. Players are tasked with creating a kingdom worthy of permanent fame. Build, manufacture, farm, mine, hunt, and defend. You can even command from the skies or assume third-person control. Your tale takes the path that the people, your actions, and their reactions take.

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Welcome to all visitors to the kingdom

Become the embodiment of hospitality in this new update by renting out beds, rooms, or whole buildings. To develop partnerships across kingdoms or expedite the recruiting process to grow your great kingdom, meet consumer expectations and satisfy delegates’ demands.

Noble Fates Hospitality

Grapes are grown, harvested, and wine is made and sold. Use the Winery to make them into a convenient fast cure. However, be aware that your people may overindulge and become inebriated. You may also use the new food and beverage management function to save the tastiest meals for your nobles while leaving the leftovers for the staff.

Noble Fates is available on PC through Steam Early Access. Currently, the game is 20% off, so you can grab this fun and funny 3D fantasy kingdom for just $19.99.

Watch the new trailer down below!