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Noble Fates is coming to Steam Early Access this month

Noble Fates

In the new kingdom management simulator Noble Fates, you can build, administer, and defend your kingdom.

Noble Fates, a 3D fantasy kingdom management simulator to be launched on Steam this month, has been revealed by Xobermon, a new Seattle-based independent studio. Imagine Game of Thrones‘ violence paired with RimWorld‘s strategy and complexity. That’s Noble Fates.

The new kid on the block

The goal of Xobermon’s inaugural game is for players to create a kingdom worthy of long-term respect. In Noble Fates, the player’s experiences begin when three misfits from a nearby randomly created country come upon a crown. The players choose who will be his monarch and what will happen to those who resist him.

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Recruit nobles to expand your kingdom’s ranks. Distribute money to satisfy ambitions, decide the destiny of humans when things go wrong, protect their realm from attacks, and cultivate connections with their neighbors. You will either bask in the admiration and respect of a benevolent reign, or you will suffer the repercussions of living as a tyrant. The narrative of this game will continue until there is no one left who can wear the kingdom’s crown.

Third person camera mode

Furthermore, Noble Fates introduces a new mode to the genre, allowing players to assume full control of their king in the third person at any moment. Yes, as if it were a third-person game where players may enjoy a new perspective of this fantastic video game where we will live dramatic moments every time we utilize this camera option.

We can unlock more than 50+ building structures, 15+ jobs, and 50+ crafting with over 30 hours of construction and crafting. Despite the game’s enormous quantity of material, new players to the genre will have an easy onboarding experience, so sit back and enjoy a steady series of planned updates that add fresh and interesting twists to your tale, realm, and planet.

Noble Fates will be available on PC through Steam Early Access on December 14, 2021.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!