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Nokia Supports N-Gage Downloads

Nokia has launched its first digital distribution channel for N-Gage games. N-Gage owners can now trial, purchase and download popular N-Gage games like Pathway to Glory and Mile High Pinball from www.n-gage.com/gameshop. To access N-Gage content, N-Gage owners simply browse the online catalogs to see what is available and then download their choices to a PC. With a compatible memory card reader and memory card, game files can then be installed to the N-Gage game deck. The price of games ranges from 19.99 to 29.99 euros per game and purchases can be made directly using a credit card.

“As we move forward with our next generation of mobile gaming, we continue to offer N-Gage owners easy ways to get games,� says Jukka Hosio, Director, Global Sales, Multimedia, Nokia. “The N-Gage platform is recognized worldwide for its high-quality mobile gaming content. By making these games available for download over the internet, we’re making it easier for N-Gage owners to find and purchase new games.�

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