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Norco is a point-and-click adventure game with a unique Southern style


You can now play the first act of Raw Fury’s new game.

Raw Fury and Geography of Robots have announced that Norco, their new PC game, will be released in full in March 2022. In addition, the first act of the game is accessible for free beginning today for gamers who wish to test out this unique Southern Gothic-style point-and-click narrative adventure.

Experience this dark and engaging point-and-click adventure

Norco is set in a bleak and warped depiction of southern Louisiana. After your mother’s death, you’ll join up with a runaway robot to search the sinking suburbs, collapsing strip malls, drainage ditches, and green industrial marshes of Louisiana’s petrochemical hinterland for your missing sibling. To create a particularly dark and engaging gaming experience, the game merges real-life human experiences with ideas from Southern Gothic literature and pulp fiction.

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Norco will be released in its entirety on PC through Steam and GOG on March 24, 2022. Act One of the game is available for free on Steam and GOG right now if you want to give it a try. When the final version of Norco is published in March, player progress will carry over from act one.

Watch the game trailer down below!