‘Nuclear Winter’ Battle Royale mode coming to Fallout 76

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Bethesda announced a battle royale mode called “Nuclear Winter” for Fallout 76 at this year’s E3.

The mode is available today through June 17 in an open beta state. It’s not clear when it will be added as a permanent feature to the game, although the company has confirmed that the update is free.

Here are some details that we know:

  1. Nuclear Winter allows for 52-player last-team-standing battle royale matches.
  2. If you are new to Fallout 76, you’ll need to create a character to join Nuclear Winter matches. Hit Play on the Main Menu, customize your character, and exit Vault 76 to save your progress. Return to the Main Menu to queue for Nuclear Winter.
  3. The Nuclear Winter mode is part of Patch 10. The patch clocks in at 7.5 GB for consoles and 3 GB for PC. You can find out more patch details here.

If you don’t already own a copy of Fallout 76, the game is discounted right now to $17 with free one-day shipping in select markets.

Check out the Nuclear Winter trailer below:

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