Nutaku is a site with free-to-play adult games

Nutaku launched in January 2015. From there, the platform quickly expanded and turned bigger one day and another. Now, after just four years, it has become the largest free-to-play browser and downloadable gaming platform in the world. Mindgeek, the same owners of well-renowned adult sites, PornHub, RedTube, and SpankWire, are the geniuses that birthed to Nutaku. The goal is to revolutionize the world of gaming. Thenceforth, serving fans of porn games some of the hottest, most immersive, top quality sex games on the internet today. There are now more than 150 anime games on the site, and the number is ever growing.

Nutaku games are unique not just because of its erotic component. In fact, the games are more than just sex; more than just titillation. Great gameplay is the key to the greatness of Nutaku games. Sex is gained as a reward, typically, after reaching a milestone. For that reason, sex is more valued, serving as a thrust for thriving. Yes, a ‘thrust’ for thrusting (if you know what I mean). Ergo, excitement for the game continues. Gameplays are immersive, as players create a bond to their characters as they evolve, unlock stories and sex scenes.

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Games on Nutaku are made to be appealing even without the sex component. So, by sexing the games up, it becomes more captivating to hentai gamers. The characters of the game are gorgeous, beautiful, and mind-blowingly sexy. The stories are hypnotic, where the players anticipate what’s next. Virtual sex and gameplay merge swiftly, too, creating an irresistible package. Nutaku is also proud to say that they don’t promote alcohol and rape in their games. They also provide products for all genders, male, female, gay, lesbian, and transgender.

Fap CEO, Booty Calls, Chick Wars, Nympho Trainer VR, and Booty Farm are just a few of the top grossing games in Nutaku. If you’re a real sex games enthusiast, you should try these highly erotic games. Each has its own strengths and selling features like high-quality graphics, well-written story, impressive voice acting, and so on. The platform also offers game events where players can unlock scenes, get discounts, try new characters, or get special packages. The best news: Nutaku’s registration is entirely free. You just have to fill up a short form, and then you’re in! It’s optional to buy gold for upgrades, purchasing items, speeding up your way to sex scenes, etc.

Browser games, downloadable games, and games that you can play in mobile are available on the site. Nutaku’s platform is easy to use, and user-friendly, where finding the right match for you is simple by using the site filters and search tools. You can look for a game using tags and categories like Action Adventure, Casual, Puzzle, RPG, Simulation, Visual Novel, Western, Fantasy, PVP, Animated Sex, VR, Comedy and more. With all these excellent features and highly immersive games, Nutaku really is a sweet treat to all porn game fans.