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Nyko Ships PSP Charger Grip

Nyko Technologies ships the Charger Grip for the Sony PSP. The stylish, PS2-like grip includes a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that extends the PSP play time by five hours. PSP fans can now acquire the new Nyko product from retailers nationwide. The Charger Grip’s unique design emulates the popular Sony PlayStation 2 console controller feel, allowing for familiar handling while the ergonomic design reduces strain on hands, permitting a longer and more enjoyable gaming experience. Easy to carry in a backpack or handbag due to its collapsible design, the Charger Grip for PSP is tough, durable and easy to install with an original clip-on design for attachment and removal.

Nyko’s new accessory features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing players with up to five hours of additional battery life, making it perfect for long trips. The PSP recognizes the Charger Grip as an external battery source allowing the grip to transfer its power to the PSP, recharging the unit. The Charger Grip’s power is always used first, before the PSP’s, so users can enjoy extended videogame/movie sessions. “The most important things about handheld gaming are portability, comfort and battery life. This product addresses all three,” said Susan Corben, vice president of marketing, Nyko Technologies. “The new Charger Grip allows customers to play longer and more comfortably without detracting from the portability of the PSP.”

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