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Nyko Ships Wii Wand and Nunchuk Bundle

Nyko today announced the Action Pak and Core Pak peripherals for the Wii have shipped to stores. Each pack contains one Wand controller, Nyko’s controller for the Nintendo Wii, and a Trans-Port enabled accessory for the Wand. The Action Pak contains the Pistol Grip attachment, the only digitally activated gun peripheral for the Wii, and the Core Pak contains the wired Kama with rumble, the only force feedback enabled analog-stick controller for the Wii.

“The Core Pak and Action Pak will enable players to experience the added functionality that Trans-Port offers right out of the box. Not only will the Action Pak and Core Pak save the consumer money, but they also introduce a new technology that expands on the existing capabilities of comparable controllers,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies. “We’re committed to supporting the Wand with Trans-Port enabled accessories and plan to have more products rolling out this year including the E3 favorite, Type Pad Pro.”

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The Action Pak includes a Wand Wireless Controller for Wii and the Trans-Port compatible Pistol Grip. The Pistol Grip digitally replicates the A and B buttons on the pistol’s trigger and hammer buttons providing easy one-handed access to key buttons – no mechanical operations or complex installation necessary. Featuring maximum compatibility across various action titles, the Pistol Grip provides a faster and more accurate response time.

The Core Pak features everything you need to jump into most Wii games featuring a Wand Wireless Controller for Wii and a Trans-Port enabled Kama Wired Analog Controller with Rumble. Using Trans-Port Technology, the Wand and Wired Kama combo are the only Wii controllers that allow full force feedback in both hands.

The Action and Core Pak are available now at retailers nationwide for $44.99. Nyko also announced a new, lower price for the standalone Wand at $29.99. Whether in a pak or purchased stand alone, the Wand and Trans-Port accessories provide more value, features and customization than any Wii controller on the market today.