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Official @Xbox Twitter account is down

Official Xbox Twitter account down

The official @Xbox Twitter account is down as of late Friday.

The profile shows up as blank. “This account doesn’t exist” is the only text on the page. It’s the same text that appears on accounts that are deleted. In contrast, a suspended account will say that it was suspended. It appears to be deleted for whatever reason.

We looked at Larry Hryb’s account (@MajorNelson) to see what is up. There’s no mention of the Twitter page outage on his account. The @Microsoft account is also unaffected as of the time of publication.

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Is Microsoft the victim of a hacker, a disgruntled employee, or just a server-side error? If it was taken down – either by mistake or because the account was compromised – we imagine that Twitter should be able to restore it with a backup in short order.

We’ll let you know when we find out more. The good news: Xbox Live does not appear to be impacted. So this will only affect marketing, not gamers’ ability to play their favorite Xbox games.

UPDATE: The outage was brief. After being restored, the account’s administrator joked that “we turned it off and on again.” No explanation was given regarding the downtime.