Okami Shiranui Nendoroid now available for pre-order

Nendoroid Shiranui DX

You can now pre-order Shiranui, the hero who saved Kamiki Village one hundred years prior to the start of the PS2 classic Okami.  

A new DX Nendoroid of Amaterasu’s form from the popular adventure game Okami is currently available for pre-order at Playasia. Under the direction of character designer Kenichiro Yoshimura, the Nendoroid was painstakingly built.

For those who don’t know, Nendoroid are anime or manga character reproductions that are sold as collectibles. They are typically around 10 cm tall. However, this varies depending on the character on whom they are based. To give them a more attractive appearance, they are constructed in the chibi style, with a big head and a little body.

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A beautiful Nendoroid wielding the Solar Flare Reflector

There is a gallant standard expression face part as well as a beautiful open-mouthed expression face. Shiranui’s Celestial Envoy Ishaku and the Reflector Solar Flare utilized in the battle against Lechku and Nechku are optional elements.

The Glaive Thunder Edge, Tundra Beads Rosary, and a howling facial component are all included with the DX Nendoroid, allowing you to create even more positions and settings. Make Shiranui a part of your collection!

If you want to play with this new cute Nendoroid from the legendary PS2 game, all you have to do is click here. The pre-orders end on September 30, 2021.

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