One Piece trading card game is coming to the US, pre-orders open now

One Piece Card Game

The legendary One Piece anime and manga is getting a card game that will first reach Japan and then cross the ocean to America later this year.

The TCG world continues to grow little by little. More and more video games, anime, and comics are launching their own TCG. This is why the TCG community has grown so much in recent years – not only for collecting, but for playing in general.

That is why, after a long time of rumors and leaks, the arrival date of a TCG that surprisingly had a large community of players waiting finally becomes a reality on American soil: the One Piece Trading Card Game.

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This new TCG, which will hit the market in winter in the United States, is based on the popular manga One Piece. In case you live under a rock, One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime in Japan since 1997. The story follows the Straw Hat Pirate crew on their adventures as they seek the mythical treasure known as One Piece.

One Piece Card Game

Bandai is the company behind the release of this amazing TCG. As has been customary for decades, it will first see its release on Japanese soil in the month of July. Here in the United States, it will not be until winter, as previously mentioned, that we will be able to have this card game in our hands.

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If you are eager to try this TCG, we inform you that Bandai has launched a mobile application where you can learn how to play this new TCG. This way, you will be able to stand out from the rest when this card game finally comes out.

Also, as of now, you can pre-order the One Piece Card Game here in the US on the Premium Bandai website. You can get the 9-Pocket Binder Set Manga Version, the Anime Version, or the Original Illustration Version.

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