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Operation Flashpoint Battles to Stores

Codemasters, announced today that Operation Flashpoint: Elite is launching onto store shelves across the country. Operation Flashpoint: Elite carries a suggested retail price of $39.99 and is exclusively for the Xbox. Adapted for Xbox from the PC original, Operation Flashpoint: Elite allows console gamers to experience this revered award winning military simulator on a new level. With the Cold War conflict between the NATO coalition forces and a renegade Soviet Red Army faction initiated, players must join U.S. forces and make their mark in the most realistic modern warfare simulation on any console.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite transports players to 1985, in the midst of the Cold War, where Gorbachev has just been elected to power. It is up to the player to dictate how the U.S. forces will tackle the Soviet faction. With two riveting military campaigns plus 15 solo missions over 4 sprawling 100+ km2 battle zones, the options for gameplay are endless.

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Operation Flashpoint: Elite allows players to think, act and move, as troops would in a similar real life operation. For the first time in a military simulator, players take control and command their soldiers by utilizing the game’s bevy of authentic land, sea and air vehicles that bring freedom to one’s gameplay like never before. Plus with over 30 authentic weapons, complete with true-to-life models and physics, gamers will experience war on a whole new level.