Optic Texas beats FaZe and wins $200k

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Optic Texas beats FaZe Major 1

Optic Texas wins in one of the most competitive Call of Duty Majors to date.

Every year, the level of competition in Call of Duty has increased. Although there have been a few instances where Activision’s own games have disappointed, the competitive play has always been a factor. We just witnessed one of the most significant, competitive, nerve-wracking, and entertaining Major 1s in recent memory.

Optic and FaZe, two titans of the US competitive scene, faced off yesterday to see who was the best. The crowd was ecstatic when FaZe completed a 3-1 victory over the London Royal Ravens in the Elimination Bracket Finals, knowing that they would be treated to the first OpTic vs. FaZe Grand Finals on LAN since the CWL Pro League Stage 1 finals in 2018.

Despite not having been the strongest opponent in recent years, Optic Scump redeemed themselves this year, as Optic Texas won the Major 1 with a 5-2 victory in a best-of-9 series, taking home $200,000.

Optic Texas beats FaZe Major 1

A team few regarded as the favorite

The losing streak was terrible for the players, ownership, and supporters of OpTic Gaming, who have a long history with the company. The team came so close to breaking through in 2021, but they could never finish higher than third in any championship event. Throughout the season, they battled Atlanta and the Toronto Ultra, and it proved to be taxing on the players.

This OpTic has looked like a championship candidate all season and is currently the Call of Duty League’s top dog for the first time since its inception in 2020.

Watch the Major 1 Finals Highlights down below!

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