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Orbital Bullet Harvest Season update out now

Orbital Bullet new update

The explosive and electrifying roguelike shooter Orbital Bullet has a new update out now. It’s called Harvest Season.

Assemble Entertainment and SmokeStab, an indie developer, announced today the release of a new update to Orbital Bullet, SmokeStab’s new game that is presently available in Early Access on Steam.

The Harvest Season update adds a ton of new content to the game. The developers have added Talos, a new large and deadly planet to discover, as well as four new weapons, five new upgrades, four new talents, and new music that will turn you up in this fast-paced roguelike.

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New challenges await you in Talos

The previously available Orbital Bullet scenarios are really entertaining, but we believe that if you have a few hours of playtime, you can do anything easily. However, the planet Talos is anything but a nice location to party. Even Dread Corp.’s vicious thugs will not venture out without protection suits, armor, and robotic drones.

Fortunately, owing to a slew of new weaponry, talents, and upgrades, players won’t be starting out unprepared. Being on an electrified planet is quite convenient for charging these new guns, the Charged Laser, Burstgun, Cannonball, and Bouncing Shotgun, they can all be charged up by holding the trigger button, resulting in a bigger, messier, and more powerful destructive force!

Four new class skills

With the latest update, players will also have access to four new class skills. The Auto Turret deploys a tower that blasts horizontal plasma missiles at opponents. Players can use the Rocket Backpack to charge up a homing missile that hunts down foes in close quarters.

There’s also a replacement for the Empowered Weapon. It promotes variety in death-dealing by delivering a brief power boost that enhances weapon damage with each weapon change. Finally, the Dodge Assault skill allows players to escape an opponent attack while still slashing them with their knives.

Orbital Bullet is currently in Early Access on PC via Steam for $12.99.

Watch the Orbital Bullet Harvest Season update trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DD6sZluNIA&w=1280&h=721]