Origin PC RetrO is the ultimate gaming PC

Origin PC RetrO

Origin PC just announced their latest Big O hybrid gaming desktop, the Origin PC RetrO. It’s described as the “ultimate gaming PC.”

Origin PC RetrO includes every console ever released, every handheld ever released, and every arcade machine ever released. You also get every PC game ever released, every board game ever released… basically every game ever released.

The RetrO is poised to be the most complete entertainment experience ever made. It will win a Guinness World record for the heaviest system ever built. It’s also the most expensive piece of tech not sold by Apple!

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“We created the first Big O in 2009 with one console, the 10 year anniversary Big O last year with three consoles, so it was only natural that this year we raced to the finish line and built a Big O with every freaking game ever made,” said Kevin Wasielewski Origin PC CEO.

“PC gamers, console gamers, board game players, and all gamers of every kind can finally stop talking about which is the best system and instead just get every game system and every game in one single machine from Origin PC, the RetrO,” he added.

The RetrO is available starting April 1. Pricing is unknown. No one can find out how to actually add the product to the cart on the Origin PC website, either. Maybe it will appear on April 2? Probably not, though.