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Othercide trailer offers players some tips and tricks


A new trailer out today offers some tips to players who may be struggling with Othercide.

The horror-inspired tactical RPG launched last week on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Othercide can be a challenge, so these suggestions should help you avoid getting too frustrated playing the game.

“We know that Othercide is not a walk in the park. It has deep gameplay mechanics, but we enjoyed spending a lot of time watching players experiencing combos and innovative moves exploiting our Dynamic Timeline System. We also wanted to give newcomers a few tips to master our innovative mechanics faster,” said Anders Larsson, CEO and Creative Director at developer Lightbulb Crew.

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Here are some of the tips from the developer:

  1. Accept death. “You will fight. You will fall. You will rise again.”
  2. Flank. “Do not allow them to rest. Move quickly and decisively.”
  3. Read the timeline. “When enemies are acting, check for their delayed actions and move them and your units around the timeline with abilities.”
  4. React and interrupt. “Reactions and interruptions are vital to protecting your daughters and erasing foes.”
  5. Diversify your team. “Othercide has three classes with two intertwined skill trees each… This gives you a lot of choice for how your daughters can fight.”
  6. Use the codex. “Othercide‘s codex includes a large amount of information about your foes and their capabilities.”

Check out the new tips and tricks trailer below!