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Overwatch communication wheel update, priority queue announced


Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan gave fans a developer update earlier today on YouTube. He discusses changes coming to the communication wheel and reduced queue times.

At the moment, the communication wheel has a limited number of preset messages that you can send to teammates without needing to type out a lengthy message or use a headset. These are really basic messages like “Hello” and “Thank you.”

During the developer update, Kaplan explains that new customization options are on their way. You’ll soon have the option to communicate things like “attack” and “fall back” to your squad, so that should be useful.

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As far as game queues go, the goal is to cut down on the long wait times that have plagued Overwatch for some time now. It’s especially annoying to wait for several minutes, only to have someone leave the game.

To compensate for this issue, players who join a canceled game after someone quits will receive priority status. The priority queue should help reduce wait times significantly. The changes are not live yet, though. And they are expected to hit the test server before going live for everyone.

Watch the full developer update below!