Overwatch: Legendary Edition file size revealed for Nintendo Switch

Blizzard has revealed the file size for the upcoming Overwatch: Legendary Edition on Nintendo Switch.

The good news is that the game will clock in at a manageable size. The initial install will be 12.1 GB if you buy the game through the Nintendo eShop. Of course, you should also expect to download patches and game updates, but it’s not too crazy.

The popular shooter was announced for the Switch during this month’s Nintendo Direct. And while you can either get a physical copy or digital, your decision on which to buy might depend on how much free space you have on your system.

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Overwatch Legendary Edition comes out on October 15 for $39.99. It includes the game, a three-month subscription of Nintendo Switch Online, five legendary hero skins, five epic hero skins, and five origin hero skins.

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