Betty la bomba
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Paladins champion Betty La Bomba revealed in new teaser trailer

Betty la bomba

An explosive new Paladins champion arrives in March.

If there is something Paladins is known for, besides its gameplay, it is the design of its champions. Evil Mojo Games has managed, over time, to introduce a large number of champions available to play with different stories, which fit perfectly with the game itself and the community.

Today, the development team has shared a teaser where we can see the new champion coming to the game: Betty La Bomba. This explosive character, and never better said, will arrive to make Paladins her playground.

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Betty La Bomba

In the short teaser presenting this new character, we can see that we will face an imposing champion. Despite dropping bombs at will and blowing up everything in its path, she has fun doing it.

Betty la bomba

Although we haven’t seen the actual abilities or her ultimate, Betty la Bomba promises to fit perfectly with the current game’s meta. Hopefully, in early March, we’ll get a better look at this champion.

As we can see in the teaser, Betty la Bomba arrives in Paladins in March 2022. Paladins is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Check the teaser of the new Paladin’s champion down below!