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Paradox Blasts into Top 10 Strategy Publishers

Paradox Interactive continues to strengthen its position as a leading publisher of strategy games in North America. The latest data from the NPD group* places Paradox in the top 10 of publishers of strategy games in North America, well ahead of established publishers like CDV, Eidos and Dreamcatcher. EA, Microsoft and Atari top the list.

“Our aggressive long term plans to fill the void left by companies like SSI, Microprose and Avalon Hill Interactive are already starting to pay off and it has been a fantastic year for us so far with titles like Hearts of Iron II and Knights of Honor. With our upcoming title Diplomacy being released this fall, we are looking at an even stronger finish to a strong year,” says Theodore Bergquist, CEO at Paradox Interactive.

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* Source: NPD POS data for first six months of 2005, referring to retail turn over in USD for strategy games on the PC platform.