Mare Nostrum DLC adds new content to survival city-builder Patron

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Patron Mare Nostrum DLC

With plenty of content, Mare Nostrum marks a before and after in Patron.

Patron has not ceased receiving modifications, bringing more and more material to the game, despite the fact that it has only been one month since its launch, owing to the 11 updates it has received. This time, Overseer Games has announced the release of the game’s first DLC, Mare Nostrum, which will allow players to colonize the Mediterranean and Adriatic seashores.

Mare Nostrum

Patron, a variation from the classic city-builder genre, provides players with a novel social dynamics system in which you will gather and create resources, grow your nascent hamlet into a rich metropolis, and handle the complicated social tensions before they reach boiling point.

With a new biome, maps, and so much more, you’ll nearly be able to taste the sea air as you establish lovely island villages and intricate industrial chains to carefully manufacture local delicacies in Mare Nostrum.

New free update

In addition to the new DLC, Patron will receive a free update, number 12, which will include new mechanics like tornadoes, wild scavenging creatures, and swarms of invading insects. While the next DLC is still in production, the Croatian company plans to continue increasing the overall content of the game through free updates in the following months.

Patron is a PC game that is accessible through Steam and GOG. The game’s latest DLC, Mare Nostrum, is now available for purchase on Steam and GOG for $5.99.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

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