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Persona 5 and other Persona video game soundtracks are now on Spotify

Persona 5 Spotify

The soundtracks for several Persona video games – including Persona 5 – are now available to stream for free on Spotify.

The news first broke yesterday via Twitter. The user @AniPlaylist tweets when anime songs and soundtracks become available online. The playlist went live at midnight on January 5, 2021.

The game soundtracks that you will find on the popular music streaming service include Persona 5, Persona 4, Persona 3, Persona 2, and more. You can check out the new playlist here.

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The long-running Persona franchise is one of the most popular in gaming. It comes from Japanese publisher and developer Atlus.

Don’t have Spotify? No worries. Listen to the Persona 5 OST below!