Phil Spencer confirms that Xbox will not follow Sony’s hike in prices

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Xbox Series X S price

Although price increases are in every corner of the industry, Xbox will not raise prices

The last few weeks have been a bit of a turbulent time in the video game industry. And, without a doubt, one of the most notable has been Sony’s hike in prices for their consoles and games. A strong decision that has upset not only the Sony community, but the industry in general. But a question resurfaces among the communities: Will Xbox do the same as Sony?

Phil Spencer during an interview for CNBC has commented his position regarding the price hikes on consoles. Above all, emphasizing the decision taken by Sony. Accordingly, the Xbox boss has assured that neither the company’s consoles nor its games will see any price hikes.

A wise decision on the part of Xbox

After the Xbox showcase at the Tokyo Game show, CNBC was quick to interview Spencer to find out more about the company’s future. Questions arose about Xbox, console competition in Asian countries and more. Phil Spencer was very open with all his answers. He was very assertive but explanatory about the whole future of the brand.

But, finally he was asked the question we were all asking: Will Xbox also follow Sony’s lead and raise the cost of consoles and games? In a straightforward manner, Spencer answered:

“We are always evaluating our business going forward…- I don’t think we could never say that or anything that we would never do something” said Spencer.

“But we look at our consoles today, The Xbox Series X and Series S, and our value is incredibly important. We love the position of the Series S in the market- which is our lower cost console- over half of our new player are coming thanks to the Series S. And that said, we have no plans of raising the price from our consoles.” He added.

Clearly Spencer confirms that raising prices is not the right move. Even more so when different markets, such as the PC market, are experiencing a drop in prices. Although Sony announces that the price increase will not have a negative effect on sales, Spencer does not think so. Considering that, the price of $299 is the right price for the Xbox Series S.

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