Phil Spencer is sorry for disappointing Xbox fans with Redfall

Phil Spencer says he is “upset with myself” for disappointing Xbox fans.

Redfall, simply put, has been an unmitigated disaster. Even though the Xbox Series X|S version was the flagship, it performed much worse than the PC version. And to top it all off, the PC version was also a mess! So, it was bombarded with mostly negative reviews.

Arkane had not responded to the failure yet. However, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has touched on the subject in a podcast published today. And, Spencer’s response was one of disappointment – disappointment on the part of the game, Arkane, and himself.

A totally unexpected failure for Xbox

Everyone had their eyes on Arkane’s new project, Redfall. After seeing sneak peeks of the game during various presentations and conferences, the hype behind the game continued to rise like crazy! However, once the official launch of the game took place, it was an incredible failure.

The game not only lacks innovative ideas but it is also riddled with bugs in all versions. But, the most affected version of all is the Xbox Series X|S version. Even this specific version has been bombarded by bad reviews.

However, Arkane has not responded to this failure. But, after the discontent of a large percentage of the community, the boss had to speak out. Phil Spencer, on the podcast Kinda Funny Games, has given statements about Redfall. Making it clear that he is disappointed in it for disappointing Xbox fans.

“There’s nothing more difficult for me than disappointing the Xbox community,” Phil Spencer begins. “I’ve been a part of this for a long time. Obviously, I work at Xbox, I’m the head of the business, I have a lot of friends and I get a lot of feedback, and I’m disappointed just to see the community lose confidence and get disappointed (…) I’m upset with myself.”

And, he ends by saying “I also know that these games cost $70 and I’m going to take full responsibility for the launch (…) We let a lot of people down this week, but we’ll keep trying.” Let’s hope the right decisions are made and we don’t see a slip-up like this from Xbox again.

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