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Pick the Game of the Year, Win Smarty Pants

Are you a Smarty Pants? Prove it! The 5th Annual Game of the Year Tournament is underway on Game Freaks 365 and our challenge to you is to correctly pick the winner. Do that and you can possibly win a copy of Smarty Pants for the Wii. Here’s what to do:

1. Check out the Game of the Year Tournament bracket and select an overall winner.
2. Send your pick to kyle.bell @ gamefreaks365.com with the Subject line “I’m a Smarty Pants”, along with your name and state (entries will only be accepted from the continental United States and Canada)
3. Vote! We post a new match-up daily on the homepage of Game Freaks 365. Help choose the Game of the Year by participating each day in the tournament voting.
4. Entries must be submitted no later than the beginning of the Second Round of voting. The voting process continues until we have a Game of the Year. Winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries and will be announced once the tournament is completed.

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