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Pilots of Darsalon is a new physics-based PC game with retro graphics

Pilots of Darsalon

The developers at Dr. Kucho Games wanted to create a game with a Commodore 64 color palette and CRT scanlines. What they came up with is Pilots of Darsalon, a new physics-based arcade shooter.

Out now for PC via Steam, Pilots of Darsalon comes from the indie studio Dr. Kucho Games. This is the same studio that released the satirical platformer Ghosts ‘n DJs for free back in January. That game features a deadmau5 soundtrack.

As for their latest game, it’s your job to locate and transport containers to your base while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Your ship has a trusty hook to help you carry the containers.

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Dr. Kucho Games says that it drew inspiration from games like Thrust, Gravitar, Lunar Lander, and Solar Jetman. So if you’re a friend of any of those classics, you may want to check this out.

Watch the launch trailer!