Pittsburgh Knights win Smite Pro League World Championship

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Pittsburgh Knights Smite Pro League World Championship

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the Pittsburgh Knights have won the 2021 Smite Pro League World Championship. They take home a $400,000 first-place prize after a year of intense competition.

This year’s Smite World Championship was held entirely online. They saw Ghost Gaming, Radiance, Pittsburgh Knights, Radiance, Renegades, and Sanguine Esports duke it. With Pittsburgh Knights and Ghost Gaming progressing through the quarter and semi-finals, the stage was set for the grand showdown. It was all broadcast on Twitch.

Here’s how Hi-Rez describes the finals:

Pittsburgh Knights took an early lead from Ghost, winning the first two matches with some clever strategy and skillful reactive play. In an incredible show of fortitude Ghost rallied and won the next two matches, tying both teams 2-2. 

The momentum of the epic final match went back and forth, with both sides stealing the lead throughout. However, it was Pittsburgh Knights who managed to secure victory, with Paul notably making a stack of huge plays. Pittsburgh Knights gave an outstanding display of team play to win 3-2, making them back-to-back SWC winners.

Season 8: Dawn of Babylon

Announced last week, Hi-Rez Studios promises that Season 8: Dawn of Babylon “will be even better.” Season 8 will feature an all-new evolving Babylonian pantheon Conquest map, new Gods (including Tiamat and Gilgamesh), new battle passes, new collaborations, and esports action throughout the year.

“Season 8 will also usher in a new era of the Smite Pro League, with Hi-Rez Studios revitalizing the structure by bringing all eight Pro League teams in-house. This will give teams and players many more opportunities for direct sponsorship and increased revenue,” the company says.

According to Hi-Rez, teams will have all-new names and branding. Player and coach salaries will be standardized and will “increase significantly” from the base salary requirements in Season 7. Teams and players will have the opportunity to secure their own sponsorships as well.

“Hi-Rez will also offer 100% revenue sharing to the players on all sales of merchandise or in-game items for their team, effectively cutting out the ‘middle man’ and allowing players to reap the full benefits of their promotional efforts,” the company adds.

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