Pity Pit is a new retro-inspired vertical platformer

Pity Pit

East Asia Soft is bringing the 2D vertical platformer Pity Pit to consoles this week.

In this unique spin on retro platforming, the action goes vertical instead of horizontal and down instead of up. The game has a passing resemblance to the arcade classic Dig Dug.

Players take on the role of Oratio the Dwarf as he uses every tool at his disposal to navigate a variety of block types. Mine with pickaxes, dig with shovels, or use bombs to clear a path.

“With five levels of challenge and obstacles that change with each playthrough, Pity Pit offers simple but addictive design and a wealth of replay value, all presented in an endearing pixel art style,” the publisher says.

Pity Pit is available digitally worldwide on June 10 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It retails for just $4.99.

Check out a trailer for the game below!

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