Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack out now

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

Are you ready to make a splash? The Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack is available now on PC via Steam along with a free new update.

The Aquatic Pack lets you expand your zoo with a marine menagerie. It introduces five iconic, water-dwelling animals: King Penguin, Grey Seal, Giant Otter, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, and Diamondback Terrapin. The habitat animals in this new pack are able to deep-swim, which means they present a brand new set of considerations when adding them into your zoos.


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“Make sure you visit the Zoopedia to see how to keep them feeling happy and cared for,” Frontier Developments says. “The Aquatic Pack also includes 170+ scenery, building, and foliage pieces which have a modern feel, so that you can get the max amount of versatility from them.”

Releasing alongside the Aquatic Pack is Update 1.4. The update adds some highly-requested features, such as the Animal Talks. With the Animal Talks come a new staff member, the educator. Frontier is also adding in an underwater box feeder, a water temperature regulator, and more.

The Aquatic Pack retails for $9.99. Update 1.4 is free.

Watch a trailer for the Aquatic Pack below!