Planet Zoo: Australia Pack adds koalas, red kangaroos, dingoes, and more

Frontier Developments is heading Down Under with the new Planet Zoo: Australia Pack.

The Planet Zoo Australia Pack welcomes five new iconic species, including the koala, red kangaroo, dingo, southern cassowary and striking eastern blue-tongued lizard. It also has “a wealth of new foliage, scenery, and zoo construction pieces inspired by the diverse range of environments found on this majestic continent.”


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The Australia Pack launches alongside a free content update (update 1.3) for all Planet Zoo players. It features new genetics-driven animal color variations, the ability to multi-select members of staff for more streamlined management, and a range of additional fixes and improvements.

The Australia Pack retails for $9.99. It launches on August 25 alongside the free content update 1.3.

Check out the new Australia Pack trailer below!

Kangaroos Being Introduced in Wyomi...
Kangaroos Being Introduced in Wyoming-Fiction!

Do you like Planet Zoo? Are you looking forward to trying the Australia Pack? Let us know your thoughts below!

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