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Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack and Update 1.5 available now

Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack

The brand-new Southeast Asia Animal Pack and the free Update 1.5 are out now in Planet Zoo.

According to Frontier Developments, the Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack features eight new animals, including:

  • Clouded Leopard
  • Sun Bear
  • Proboscis Monkey
  • Binturong
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Ussuri Dhole
  • North Sulawesi Babirusa
  • Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect

What’s new in Update 1.5?

Update 1.5 brings a range of extras and improvements to the game, including multiple zoo entrances, video billboards, fresh scenario rewards, customizable water color and volume, and the ability to save franchise zoos as sandboxes. There’s also a timed scenario called Bernie’s First Steps in which players expand an early version of Goodwin House into a thriving country park.

You can read more about the 1.5 Update on the game’s official website.

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Planet Zoo is 50 percent off at Humble Store for the next couple days.

Watch the Southeast Asia Animal Pack launch trailer below!