PlayStation 3 ”Live” Confirmed

Earlier today we reported that the PlayStation 3 would experience a delay until November 2006 in all regions. For America, that date was to be expected, but the Japanese launch of spring is no longer on the table. The big news made today wasn’t the delay, it was that Sony plans to go head-on with Microsoft’s Xbox Live service with a free online gaming service of their own: PlayStation Network Platform.

The PlayStation Network Platform will allow gamers to chat, message, add friends, matchmaking, download game data, compare rankings and even e-commerce shopping. As said above, the basic service is free and will allow for online gaming, unlike the rival Xbox Live service. The service will be available at the PlayStation 3 launch this November. Also making news was a quote from Ken Kutaragi: “The hardware was developed with the hard disk in mind.â€? That’s all for now; we’ll keep you updated.

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